#weare LINGG

We don’t invent the black thread.
(we just make it better)

LINGG is an international design studio based in Switzerland and Mexico, performing in the fields of architecture, interior design, urbanism and research.

With a vast variety of clients around the world, LINGG is a multilingual workplace that speaks up to five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Every human being is a universe and within this universe there are different rules, habits and needs that make us unique and original, based on this

“we design spaces according to the needs of each individual, we create for the world.”

The sense
behind LINGG

L for LINGG (founder’s last name)
E is for EUNICE (founder’s first name)
& all lines and elements put-together,
create a building.

See projects

Haus Kondor
Haus Kondor

Zermatt, Switzerland

Hotel Bellerive
Hotel Bellerive

Zermatt, Switzerland

Hotel Albana Real
Hotel Albana Real- Ski Room

Zermatt, Switzerland


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